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Wizards! a game of collateral damage and ultimate power

Wizards! Was made as part of the March of Wizards 2019 Game Jam. It is quick and fast “Beer and Pretzels“ game that can be played in half an hour. The game simulates ALL POWERFUL WIZARDS attempting to solve problems around the realm using DESTRUCTIVE and WILEY magics.

Download it here for free.



Everautumn is a system neutral RPG setting that you can use to run your preferred fantasy RPG. Everautumn contains over 25 encounters, a bestiary, a catalogue of items and boons, and more. Everautumn is a living book that updates every year with more content.

Download it here.


The Mycolomancer

This foilio was patron fueled project that introduces a class of wizard called the Mycolomancer. Inside you will find details on how to introduce fungus based magics and threats to your fantasy TRPG.

The folio includes details on mycolomancers, fungus based quest hooks and seeds, magical mushrooms, and fungus based rewards.

Download it here for free.


Goblin Banditos

Goblin Banditos is a short bare-bones Dungeon World hack. Inside are rules and some flavor on how to play as desperate goblins living in a fantasy frontier.

This was also a patron fueled project that I plan to expand into a fully illustrated RPG book.

Download it here for free.


The Mind Mine

My first patron fueled folio.

The Mind Mine is an adventure seed that is system neutral, which allows you to introduce the threat of the buried beast in any fantasy RPG system you use to run a campaign. Inside is a scenario about a town, a mine, and a buried beast that is slowly awakening.

Download it here free.